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icotec Pedicle Systems

Pedicle spinal stabilisation system for tumour treatment with Carbon/PEEK implants. Allows radiation treatment, without shielding or scattering. Provides equivalent strength to titanium constructs.

icotec develops and manufactures innovative, high-strength implants from carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic for the treatment of patients in the areas of spinal and trauma surgery.

Since its foundation in 2000, icotec has developed into one of the world's leading companies in the field of carbon-fibre-reinforced implants. The basis is the Injection Molding CFM (Composit Flow Molding) process which was developed by icotec.

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Light to the spine

icotec is a global leader in implants developed for the treatment of spinal tumors.

The nonmetallic, radiolucent BlackArmor® material developed by icotec is biocompatible, and has been successfully implanted for over 15 years. Its X-ray translucency allows for better delineation of the tumor from healthy tissue, optimizes radiotherapy planning and tumor treatment and facilitates postoperative assessment of the site of care and spinal fusion.


Hightech in the fight against Spinal Tumors

  • BlackArmor® Carbon/PEEK material: metal-free, radiolucent, and highly mechanically durable

  • Optimal presentation of tissue structures (bones and nerves) in diagnostic imaging using X-rays, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging

  • Assist in homogenous planning and application of the radiation dose for spinal tumors

  • Lower risk of allergic reaction as compared to metal implants

  • 15 years of clinical success in the treatment of spinal pathologies

Developed and Manufactured in Switzerland

  • Material and technology developed at the renowned ETH (Technical University) in Zurich (top positions in global rankings for science and engineering)

  • The Swiss medtech industry is known for the highest reliability and precision manufacturing

  • BlackArmor® material – developed and manufactured in Switzerland to the highest quality standards

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Benjamin Willis

Founder & CEO

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