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Orb Medical | MAGNEZIX® Bio-resorbable Pins and Compression Screws Orb Medical | MAGNEZIX® Bio-resorbable Pins and Compression Screws Orb Medical | MAGNEZIX® Bio-resorbable Pins and Compression Screws Orb Medical | MAGNEZIX® Bio-resorbable Pins and Compression Screws

MAGNEZIX® Bio-resorbable Pins and Compression Screws

MAGNEZIX® is a magnesium-based alloy, which although having metallic properties, is completely resorbed in the body and transformed into bone. These are the first of their kind in the world, and ORB is proud to partner with Syntellix to bring this leading technology to New Zealand.

The Magnezix compression screws and pins are used for a wide range of foot and ankle indications including hallux valgus, distal malleolus fracture and talus fracture.


MAGNEZIX® at a glance 

  • The world's first bioabsorbable metallic material for implants 
  • CE-label (Europe) and HSA approval (Singapore) for medical applications 
  • Ideal biomechanical properties: metallic stability similar to titanium, elasticity very similar to human bones
  • Osteoconductive (promotes bone growth) and replaced by the body's own tissue, which means that no metal remains in the body 
  • Infection inhibiting

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The Implant of the Future

MAGNEZIX® CS implants are metallically stable, and similar to systems made of steel or titanium, and are several times stronger than conventional polymer implants. However, unlike metal screws and wires, they do not need to be removed - because they are resorbed, promote healing, and are completely replaced by the body's own tissue. These properties bring very clear advantages for doctors and patients. 


Bioabsorbable magnesium alloy

The use of MAGNEZIX® implants makes any subsequent implant removal unnecessary, and moreover, it supports the osseous healing process. MAGNEZIX® is bioabsorbable and biocompatible.

Self-tapping screw tip

The self-tapping properties of the screw tip reduce the operation time and simplify the surgical application technique.

Cannulated screw (CS 2.7, CS 3.2; CSc 4.8)

The screw is cannulated (hollow) to allow controlled positioning of the screw using the guide wire. This feature supports minimal invasive surgery.

Self-tapping head thread

The self-tapping design of the screw head simplifies insertion and countersinking of the screw head.

Different thread pitches

The threads of the head and the shaft have different thread pitches. This adapted design of the screw generates compressive forces and supports the intended inter-fragmentary compression

Surface design MAGNEZIX® CSc

The top layer of MAGNEZIX® CSc implants is converted into a dense, porous and strongly adherent magnesium-based oxide film. This surface finish acts as a protective layer and is fully bioabsorbable. A significant delay in the degradation process is achieved to maintain the desired integrity of the implant for a longer period where necessary and thus to facilitate an extended range of indications.

Various sizes

These implants are available in many different combinations of different diameters (1.5 to 3.2mm) and different lengths (8 to 50mm).

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Kath Parr

Clinical Support Specialtist

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