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Vantage® Total Ankle System

A new perspective in Total Ankle - achieving a new vantage point in total ankle arthroplasty by combining engineering and surgeon thought leader expertise to address clinical challenges and patient outcomes.

An anatomic and bone conserving total ankle system that addresses the current clinical challenges and the biomechanics of the native ankle.

The tibial component is an anatomic design that is right and left specific to respect the native anatomy of the tibia as well as provide articulation of the fibula. Meanwhile, the talar component is designed with a bicondylar articulating surface that replicates the native anatomy with the goal of reproducing the natural biomechanics during the gait cycle. It preserves bone through an arc-shaped talar interface that follows the diseased anatomy, which was based on the results of CT reconstruction study that focused on the differences between healthy and diseased talus morphologies.

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Features of the Vantage® Total Ankle System

Anatomic Redefined

Based on proprietary CT reconstruction studies, the tibia and talar components were designed to mimic patients’ natural anatomy. Specifically, the curved talus component aligns with the talus’ trabecular bone structure for inherent stability while the flat cut talus provides initial fixation through its press-fit bone cage and plasma pegs.Meanwhile the tibia is designed to provide anatomic cortical coverage and account for fibular articulation.1,2


The tibia’s press-fit bone cage and plasma pegs create initial fixation while the talar component’s curve-on-curve shape is designed to provide stability in the A/P direction. The talar components’ pegs also provide stability in the medial/lateral, and cement should be used on both the talar and tibia for fixation.

Bone Removal

The curved talar design addresses the disease process by reducing the amount of talar preparation required. The radius of the curvature on the underside of the talar component is based on studies that analyze the effect of an arthritic talus.2


The innovative tibial design and surgical technique are intended to preserve the integrity of the tibia anterior cortex while the anterior talar shield is designed to provide increased surface area that addresses subsidence.



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